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What do you do when you are about to burn out????

What do you do when you are about to burn out???? I wanted to share a little something about myself and my journey to achieving this balance!! ❤️ How do you deal with falling out of LOVE with your passion? Some of us deal with it differently. Have you ever been there? I have and

Who the SHOE are you? Ladies PT II

This is the remaining of the ladies... I am so inspired by all of these women and very happy that they are part of my project!! 14- Melody Munro - Founder/CEO of Wee College Inc. -President of Munro Institute For the past thirty-three years, Melody’s focus in bringing high quality childcare programs for children and families

Who the Shoe are you Ladies…

I am super excited to announce to you the first half of the ladies.. WOOHOO !!!!  IF you don't have your ticket .. don't miss your chance. Here is the link: https://greatermoncton.snapd.com/events/view/1173352 1-Alisha A. Armour -Marketing & Wellness Manager- Armour Transportation Systems. Alisha Armour has been involved in transportation all her life.  Her father, now retired, owned

Sophie & Steve 15.07.17

This past July Sophie & Steve celebrate their love at the music barn in Sackville.We all learned about their first date.... and how it couldn't of been more fun!!! With some bowling.. mini put at the Crystal Palace and some drinks ...Their wedding day had all the details that scream the both of them. What a perfect

Brenda & Justin’s Wedding Day

Where to start… when I think of Brenda’s & Justin’s wedding i reflect on how  It was a beautiful September day from begging to end! Everything was so perfect, even the love between this couple was radiating as strong as the sun that day!!!  You can really tell that they are best friends and that

Who the SHOE are you? Participants Part II

Today we are exactly 1 month away from the big day!!!! Last week I shared with you the first group of participants... The time has come to share with you the last part of the  wonderful inspirational ladies in alphabetical order that are participating in the "Who the SHOE are you? "gala!!   As you go

SHOE Ready Pedicure Anyone???!!!

I just had my first pedicure in about 10 years!!! I know.. don't say it!!! However, that all changed last week thanks to Genvieve Esthetics. These little stories is what makes me smile ... I'm going to share with you this little story!!! I get a phone call from this lady, (Who I do not

Who the SHOE are you ? Participants!!!

I am pleased & super excited to announce with all of you the first 13 wonderful inspirational ladies in alphabetical order that are participating in the "Who the SHOE are you? "gala!!  I feel that as you go down the list, you will recognize some of the Greater Moncton's & Fredericton's inspirational leaders, mentors and wonderful

Who the SHOE are you?

Mark  your calendars September 22nd 2016! It will be the 1st annual  celebration of SHOES!!!!! Where did the Project come from?  My passion for photographing shoes  debuted back at as early as  when I picked up my first camera .  I have always believed that you can tell so much by someones shoes.  I used to

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