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Photography as an art form has inspired and entranced society for generations. To fuse colour and texture, nature and emotion, and to present it to the beholder to draw from it whey they will: That is the art of photography.

This month’s Artquest theme is “Street” Photography.

 Artquest Photo Tours & Workshops

with Karen Casey & Maurice Henri

12036856_1679738018936203_9014747248905666602_nTHE ARTQUEST PHOTOGRAPHIC ART INSPIRATION WORKSHOPS were created out of some of mine & my co – instructor Maurice passions in life; a love for learning and sharing while experiencing and exploring the natural and/or urban world to create art. Our desire to share our passion with others brought us to believe that creative people possess a constant thirst for exploration, discovery & expression, therefore cultivating their creative impulses to produce works of art.

11899771_1657235137853158_4298868321437348411_nThese workshops are about reinvigorating your sense of wonder. They are open to all photographic levels and are thoughtful and joyful ways to explore your inner self while connecting with the creative process.

As  photographers and co instructors Maurice & I invite you to join them in this unique environment where inspiration abounds with historical and iconic architecture that our tours have to offer. Immerse yourself in this joyful process while expressing your creativity and discover the vibrant culture that gives this region a rich, unique and proud heritage.

11012109_1679739782269360_9140177658677400409_nOur workshops and tours are designed to be as stress free, comfortable, and rejuvenating as possible. The formula is simple, creating an environment where likeminded people can relax, revitalize and share their love for exploration and the creative process, using the camera to deepen self discovery and expression in an atmosphere of support, hospitality, comfort and friendship. Together we offer over 40 years of combined experience as Professional Photographers, Artists, Teachers, Humanitarians and fellow travellers.  Acting as facilitators, they will be providing technical & hands on instruction depending on the desires of the individuals and the group.

12196165_1679737605602911_7543216836053595840_nCheck out www.artquestphoto.com for more workshop details